The Relationship Between Xiao Mosheng and Song Yaqin

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Shen Jiayi's originally calm expression suddenly changed. Her cheeks turned slightly red, and she didn't even have the confidence to speak anymore.

"We're, we're just friends."

Guo Rou carefully observed her expression and suddenly smiled evilly. "I don't think so. Looking at your expression, you guys aren't ordinary friends! Tell me, if you confess, we'll be lenient. If you resist, we'll be strict!"

Shen Jiayi was shy to begin with, and after hearing Guo Rou's words, she became even more uneasy.

Moreover, although this office was very big, there were many people here.

She quickly said, "It's really just normal friend. Guo Rou, don't stop wild guesses. Xiao Mosheng has just transferred to our Northern Star District's arts platoon. He's a famous composer, and his songs are especially good."