The Engagement

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"Dad, I'm not basking in the sun. I'm basking in the sunset." Bai Jianxun walked in with a big smile on his face. He pulled the curtains to block out the light in the room.

Elder Bai sat on the bamboo chair with his eyes closed. He swayed slightly with a cup of cold tea beside him.

"Jianxun, what do you think of this matter?"

"What matter, dad?"

Elder Bai raised his eyes slightly and said with a straight face, "You brat, stop acting like a fox in front of me! The cunning of all three of your brothers and sisters have been inherited by you!"

"Hehe, dad, I'll take it that you're praising my intelligence." Bai Jianxun sat on the sofa next to him and smiled. "Dad, since Weiyang is willing to do this, then everything else is not important."

Elder Bai frowned. He felt his leg hurt even more.

"That child has been a little muddle-headed recently."