Teach You Well

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Was he throwing a tantrum?

Gu Yan wasn't a person who had no temper. She didn't do anything. Why should he act like this?

Adhering to the principle of avoiding fanning the flames, Gu Yan dexterously dodged the foot of a certain someone and then stepped on it.

Captain Lu frowned a little and withdrew his foot.

Gu Yan pursed her lips and placed down the bowl in her hand, saying, "Captain Lu, Brother Qiliang, you guys can keep chatting. We've finished, so we'll go ahead first."

Song Qiliang smiled brightly. "Xiaoyan, when you have time, we'll talk more."


Meanwhile, Lu Ye's face became sullen. He glanced at Song Qiliang and said, "You guys are quite familiar with each other?"

His little wife was being so nice to another man!

She was even going to chat with him more!

If eyes could be used as a sniper rifle, Song Qiliang would be riddled with bullet holes!