Take As Goddaughter

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Following the fixed routine, Gu Yan stayed at Lu Ye's place for a while. 

Lu Ye was rather disciplined along the process. He didn't cross the line completely. 

Nevertheless, he did overstep half of the boundary on numerous occasions.

Captain Lu set up himself to benefit a lot from the whole deal.

Every moment possible, he messed with Gu Yan. Unfortunately, he ended up burning himself while playing with fire.

He would take trips to the bathroom and suffer through cold showers again and again.

It was winter. Although he could warm himself by the furnace, the cold water from the shower was still freezing. 

Luckily, Lu Ye's body was quite healthy. That was the only thing stopping him from getting sick.

Gu Yan wanted to say something upon witnessing his troubles.

Eventually, she told Lu Ye to stay in the room of his friend. Otherwise, she would move back to the dormitory of the Logistics Department.