Since You Chose The Mountain, You Can Only Climb It

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The next day, Gu Yan sent Lu Ye's family of four to the door. Considering the old man's condition, they decided to take the military's spaceship back.

The old man was already so old, so he could naturally enjoy this treatment. In fact, his arrival to the Northern Star District had shocked the people of the Northern Star District.

This old officer was not an ordinary person.

When he was young... he was no worse than Lu Ye now.

Therefore, he had left an indelible impression on many people.

In the past few days, everyone had been very careful. Now that the old man was about to leave, they could not wait to see him off.

There were too many people sending him off. Moreover, they were going to take the special training force's spaceship, so Gu Yan did not follow them. In the end, she only accompanied them to the gate of the Special Combat Force.

Lu Ye directly saluted Gu Yan, and then mouthed, "Wife, wait for me to marry you.".