Saving Gu Moli

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Seeing that her face was too red, Gu Yan did not say anything but let the driver drive.

Only Guo Rou got into the car with Gu Yan. The truck was heading to the house that Gu Yan had just bought. Guo Rou came over and asked curiously, "Zhang Cuihua actually said so much to you just now. It wasn't easy."

"Yeah, it wasn't easy." Gu Yan casually replied, but she suddenly thought of something.

Could it be that Gu Moli saw Bai Weiyang that day? !

This was just a guess.

However, if this guess was realized, then Gu Moli could be used to testify against Bai Weiyang!

However, the possibility of that wasn't high.

After all, if Gu Moli saw Bai Weiyang kill Zhang Lan, how could she be indifferent?

No matter what, Zhang Lan was Gu Moli's biological mother. In Gu Yan's memory, Zhang Lan was especially good to Gu Moli. She didn't let her do any work since she was young and didn't let her suffer any hardships.