Not Letting Go, No Matter What

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"Mhm, I have been neglectful. I will inform my family as soon as possible."

Lu Ye regained his senses. 

Right now, the two of them were facing each other. 

He reached out his hands to hold Gu Yan's face. He then bent down and brought his nose closer to hers.

"Sigh, I feel like I'm an idiot lately. Wife, you must not dislike me in the future for that reason alone."

"What if I do?" Gu Yan did her best to resist laughing.

Sometimes he can be unscrupulous. Other times, he can be tender. 

But right now, he was sincere like a big child.

It was so hard not to love him.

As expected, Lu Ye revealed an aggrieved expression. He clung to Gu Yan and squeezed her into his arms.

"Regret? Too late! I'm onto you! Not letting go, no matter what!"

Gu Yan didn't know whether to laugh or cry. 

Captain Lu wasn't supposed to be a massive wolf dog.