No Moral Integrity 

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Even though he was mentally prepared, elder Bai's expression still froze. In the next moment, there was a strong sense of surprise in his tone. "You're already married?"

"Yes," Gu Yan answered with certainty. She could feel the shock and dissatisfaction in elder Bai's tone. Although she did not know why he was like this, Gu Yan felt a little happy in her heart.

After saying this very certain word, she did not say anything else.

Elder Bai held the phone in his hand. After a full minute, he said, "I heard that you had a relationship with that Lu Ye. Is your husband that Lu Ye?"

If it was elder Bai who said this to others, perhaps others would have answered directly.

Even Bai Weiyang would definitely nod and say yes obediently.

But Gu Yan wouldn't.

After all, if you thought about it carefully, you would feel that it was a bit ironic.