My Eyes Are Good

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"Gu Moli, if you just stayed peacefully in your hometown and respected Gu Dagang, I wouldn't come to put you in trouble, but it seems, this was all that you wanted to happen."

"How can I let you go to the First Empire Academy and reunite with your sister, Bai Weiyang?"

Gu Yan picked up her things and headed to the wooden chairs to find Lu Ye.

She said, "Lu Ye, can you bring me to Principal Gao? I have something to report."

"That's fine." Lu Ye nodded. He led Gu Yan towards Principal Gao's office while asking, "Yanyan, how did the exam go?"

"Should be fine." Gu Yan smiled, "Mrs. Sun and the teachers are marking the papers. I should be able to know the results. The fastest is tonight."

Seeing the confident smile on his young wife, Lu Ye felt a bit thrilled. He couldn't kiss her in public, so he flicked her hair behind her ear.

He smiled and teased, "You're that confident?"