Most Beautiful Red Plum

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Shen Jiayi looked up suddenly and saw a female soldier amidst the crowd. She was waving her injured hand. The cloth wrapped around it was apparent, setting her apart from the sea of people.

However, that was the most beautiful color in Shen Jiayi's eyes.

'The most beautiful red plum!'

Shen Jiayi's anxious heart instantly found its rightful place.

The dust finally settled.

"Above the red rocks, the red plum blossoms. 

Thousands of miles of ice under the feet. 

Fear no the cold, one hot-blooded heart faces the sun, faces the sun. 

Red plum flowers blossom, each one vibrant with colors. 

Aroma drifts into the clouds, waking hundreds of flowers. 

Sing praise to the new spring, the new spring."

Moments before, the audience was stunned by Gu Yan's unexpected appearance. However, everyone was now wholly captivated by Shen Jiayi's beautiful voice.