Lu Ye, Don’t Glare At Me

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Bai Changle raised this important question in a very timely manner.

However, in fact, even if he didn't mention this important question, someone wouldn't forget it.

That was Lu Ye.

At this moment, Captain Lu's face was calm, revealing a dangerous aura.

Therefore, when Bai Changle turned his head to look at him, he was almost shocked by the hostility on his face.

Bai Changle touched the tip of his nose and said embarrassedly, "Hey, Lu Ye, don't glare at me. I'm telling the truth."

Xie Luan also became serious. She nodded and looked at Gu Yan, "Xiao Yan, it's indeed like this. Back then, father-in-law's subordinate died to save him. Then, before he died, he left behind his child and a marriage agreement was set up between the two families. That subordinate was Lin Haoran's grandfather. In your generation, this is the marriage agreement between Lin Haoran and Weiyang."