Lu Ye’s Warning

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A warm and sweet emotion occupied Gu Yan's heart, making her grin. As she blinked, her long eyelashes brushed across Lu Ye's hand.

Captain Lu felt that he… really might not be able to control himself!

Luckily, at this moment, the doctor with the surname Yan arrived. She seemed to be in her forties as her face exhibited sternness.

Captain Lu also put on a serious face. "Comrade Gu Yan isn't feeling too well. Please take a look at her. I still have things to do, I'll leave first."

"Okay, Captain Lu." Doctor Yan nodded. She didn't say much. Although she had heard the rumors about Captain Lu's unreasonableness, it seemed he still cared about his soldiers.

Gu Yan didn't expect Lu Ye to leave that quickly. She looked up only to see his back and flushed ears.

'Is Captain Lu… embarrassed?!'