Lu Ye’s Rival In Love

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Qi Hao had bitten the chopsticks in an instant. The piece of meat held by the chopsticks dropped on the table.

He didn't even notice it.

However, Qi Hao's face blushed in the next second. His eyes flashed as he mumbled, "Uncle, what sort of joke is this? How can I like Gu Yan? Pfft, she's just a bit pretty, a bit good at studying, has a bit of personality, and smiles a bit heroically…"

Qi Hao couldn't continue anymore.

How could this not be liking someone?

All he said were her good points. If he kept denying it, it would be against his heart.

Qi Hao couldn't proceed further. In his heart, he became a bit thrilled due to the thought. He took the cup next to him and drank some water, which he didn't even like. He looked at Principal Gao thereafter.

"Uncle… why can't I like Gu Yan?"

While the two were talking, Gu Yan and her group had sat down to order.