Little Yan, I’m Sorry

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The moment Gu Yan entered the room, she could feel the oppressive atmosphere in the room. The room that was originally tidy was now in a mess. The broom lay on the ground, and the cabbage leaves that had been left there for an unknown amount of time had already rotted.

There was no gauze on the windows or doors, and the mosquitoes were buzzing around without restraint.

At this moment, Gu Dagang's slightly hoarse voice came from the inner room. "Qiangzi, come back. It's late at night. Don't go out and run around."

Gu Yan silently pushed the door open and saw Gu Dagang laying on the bed. Her tears fell.

Actually, it had only been a year, but Gu Dagang seemed to have aged ten years in front of her.

His temples were white, and his face was so thin that his cheekbones were sunken in. He coughed lightly, and his body trembled.

His broken arm hung there. The cloth that was tied to it was yellow, and the splint was crooked.