Just How Shameless Are You

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Ms. Li had her own plans. It was her superior who asked her to do this. For now, she would pretend to be ignorant. If Bai Weiyang asked in the future, she just had to answer she didn't know. 

Hence, regardless if Gu Moli knew Gu Yan, Ms. Li coughed and said, "Gu Moli, prepare yourself. You would need to finish an additional examination in a moment. You will be tested on Language, Math, and English. The other subjects will be random." 

Gu Moli was just wondering why Gu Yan, this bitch, was here and why she pretended to not recognize her. But then, Ms. Li said something unexpected. She was dumbfounded. 

Gu Moli asked dazedly, "What? A test?" 

Ms. Li's eyes flashed. She couldn't tell the truth. "Transfer students need to take a test, so they could be classified according to the results. Our school is divided into levels A, B, C..."