Jade Pendant, Jade Pendant

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During this period of time, Zhang Lan was not happy.

This was because blacksmith Wang was a bit lazy. Although the two of them were working together in this small restaurant, most of the time, blacksmith Wang would go out to gamble. Sometimes, he would stay out all night.

Zhang Lan did not want to work as well, but if she did not work, she would have no source of income.

Other than this, there was another thing that made Zhang Lan even more depressed.

Previously, because she was infatuated with blacksmith Wang's manliness, Zhang Lan gradually realized that blacksmith Wang liked to hit people during making love.

Her body was bruised and purple. Although it wasn't serious, it would hurt when she touched it.

Zhang Lan had told blacksmith Wang about this several times. Previously, blacksmith Wang would still coax her. However, after a few times, blacksmith Wang straight up slapped her in the face.

Zhang Lan was stunned.