Is It A Good Mental Tolerance?

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He looked at the empty spot and thought about how that new student accurately discovered what he did to the seat.

"Pfft, keen eyes."

Qi Hao got up and lazily put his hands in his pocket. It wasn't summer yet, but he only wore long pants and a white school shirt.

He didn't feel cold at all.

When he passed the spot where Gu Yan was sitting, Qi Hao suddenly stopped in his tracks.

He asked the guy who hadn't left yet, "Did Gu Yan cry in the afternoon?"

The guy was taken aback. "I didn't see it."

Qi Hao was more suspicious now. He looked at the books on Gu Yan's table. One was opened, revealing a pretty handwriting.

The writing was as beautiful as the person who wrote them.

He frowned. "How could she not have cried?"

'Is her mental tolerance good?'

Those girls whom he had rejected or broke up with all cried.