Is He As Handsome As I Am?

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In this era, people were more conservative when it came to dating. It was rather rare for people to hold their girlfriend's hands like Lu Ye.

The crown nearby was drawn by the scene which the pair was causing. In return, Lu Ye glared at them.

Lu Ye was undoubtedly handsome. When he let out a smile, he would unconsciously emit a roguish vibe. 

But when he didn't smile, he would appear commanding and regal.

Not to mention, Captain Lu had already been to the front lines multiple times. His hostility wasn't something ordinary citizens could handle.

Hence, all of those inquisitive looks shrunk back, not daring to invade the privacy of the couple.

Nevertheless, there was still one person who didn't look away.

His expression was a little dull.

Chen Yuan held a bag of medicine in his hand. His eyes fell upon the tightly clasped hands before him.