Instantly Scared

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Wan Fang tried running a few steps. She became pleasantly surprised by the outcome. "I seem to have recovered. I have more energy than before!"

A smile crossed Gu Yan's face. She knew the green light must have been effective.

Even though she felt a bit exhausted from using too much of her abilities, Gu Yan was happier to help a comrade in need.

She then nodded. "It must have been the work of Guo Rou's internal force."

"Of course!" Guo Rou answered proudly. She replenished some of her energy as well.

Upon noticing the better condition of the two girls, Gu Yan estimated the time. They should be able to make it to the end. She remarked, "Let's increase our pace and catch up to the others!"

"Alright!" Both the morale of Wan Fang and Guo Rou were lifted. Their response was filled with enthusiasm.

The three girls went on their way and soon caught up with Zhang Cuihua who was still wasting her time.