If It Doesn’t Hurt, Keep Slapping

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The distance was a bit far. She failed to clearly see him.

Nevertheless, Gu Yan was absolutely certain he was looking at her.

Their hearts could see through each other!

Naturally, Gu Yan was right. Lu Ye was also looking in the direction of the shooting range.

Without seeing it at a close distance, he knew that his girl was beaming with confidence.

Her smile must have been sensationally beautiful.

After a short period of strange silence, the scene erupted into applause!

Han Jiao's palms were red from clapping. Her eyes were red.

'Girls, amazing!' 

They were all amazing!

Li Haili, feeling contented, smiled.

Although she usually didn't show her emotions, she found herself remembering her younger self when she first joined the special training.

Bai Weiyang didn't realize Gu Yan was competing below.