If Beating Her Up Once Is Not Enough, Twice Is

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Zhang Cuihua realized this thing wasn't affecting Gu Yan that much so she spilled the tea to some people that she just met, she told them about how Gu Yan was arranged to marry an old man. 

A few days later, no matter if Gu Yan went to the cafeteria or other places, people pointed their fingers at her and gossiped. 

But once Gu Yan turned around to look at them, they'd turn around and act like nothing was going on. 

Shen Jiayi was worried that Gu Yan would think too much, "Gu Yan, they're just gossiping, don't let them get to you." 

Even though Shen Jiayi was a lot more optimistic, but, it would take a long time for her to change her habit of overthinking. 

Not only was she unable to change herself, Shen Jiayi also worried that her friends may overthink as well. 

But that proved Shen Jiayi was indeed happier than before, and accepted Gu Yan as a friend, right? 

Gu Yan gave a genuine smile, "don't worry about me, I'll be fine."