If Bai Weiyang’s Surname Was Not Bai

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Bai Mengchen was completely dumbfounded.

Without waiting for her reaction, or rather, elder Bai had never thought that she would reject him.

Nor would he accept her rejection.

He had already stood up, turned off the television, and walked upstairs.

Bai Mengchen turned her head and looked at her father's slightly tottering back, tears welling up in the corners of her eyes, "Dad, you're not being fair to me! You're not being fair to Weiyang either! How am I supposed to say these things to Weiyang, and how will Weiyang face the others in the future? ! What will the others think of her? !"

If Weiyang's surname was no longer Bai, then what should she do?

Although Bai Mengchen's feelings for Weiyang had become a little conflicted during this period of time, in the end, Weiyang was still that person's daughter.

She bit her lip and stood up very excitedly, her body trembling.