I Will Still Beat You Up

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Lu Ye's eyes flashed with ferocity. He had been primarily worried about Gu Yan's condition. Hence, he sent her to the infirmary first.

Afterward, he contemplated what Lin Haoran would do if he arrived a second later or missed the entire thing.

'That bastard dared to consider carrying Gu Yan to the infirmary?!'

Lu Ye thought of such possibility and burned with palpable hostility. He wanted to fight Lin Haoran to death.

Lin Haoran was also a soldier under the special forces. He wasn't just going to take it lying down.

Most importantly, it was just the two of them in the office. He didn't need to be too concerned about his image.

Yet, Lin Haoran was just a few seconds too slow on reacting, and Lu Ye's fist came upon him again.

How could he not beat this guy up? He harbored evil intentions towards his wife. A man wouldn't be able to endure it.