He Hit a Woman

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The alarm sounded off, at least in Zhang Cuihua's heart.

Given the intensity, sparring was just a euphemism at this point.

This time she wasn't even going to use a bag.

Zhang Cuihua immediately said, "Gu Yan, this is the dorms. If you dare to hit people, I'll, I'll…"

"I didn't hit anyone. Besides, it is a sparring match. If you don't believe me, you can ask around. Did I not extend a friendly invitation to spar?"

Aside from the six individuals originally in Gu Yan's dorm, there were another six women, all of whom from the Logistics Department.

Zhang Cuihua was tactless and offended a lot of people. At the moment, everyone overheard the conversation, and sounded off on the matter to vouch for Gu Yan, "Comrade Zhang Cuihua, Comrade Gu Yan just wants to spar with you. You have the option to accept it."

Zhang Cuihua's face turned red.

She almost underhandedly spilled that Gu Yan and Captain Lu were dating.