Haven’t Married You Yet

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Captain Lu was a methodical and disciplined man. He was a person who adhered to his values. 

He could restrain all sorts of inappropriate thoughts from going out of hand in the broad daylight.

However, the main point was to control them. No one said anything about forgetting.

He would record those ideas in a small book first.

Every night when he went back to his dorms, he would enact it in his dreams.

He could keep them for later, once they were married…

Hence, although he was overjoyed at this time, he still acted polite outwardly. Getting to hug his wife's shoulder should be enough.

After sitting like that for a few minutes, Gu Yan pondered and asked, "Lu Ye, are you going to stay in the Northern Star Region in the meantime?"

"Mhm, I am temporarily assigned here for two years. I'm not sure what would happen in the future." Lu Ye became genuinely serious when the discussion became work-related.