When Bai Changle heard Lu Ye's words, his emotions instantly exploded.

"Lu Ye, you're choosing a girl over a friend!"

"You're not my friend," Captain Lu retorted.

Lu Ye was like an annoyed bird because his date was being disturbed. He looked at Bai Changle with annoyance. "Are you going to leave?"

Bai Changle was a little hurt and angry, but he was more curious.

'What sort of female comrade would Lu Ye like?!'

'What female comrade would like a bastard like Lu Ye?'

However, he knew that Lu Ye was really angry this time. He couldn't beat Lu Ye anyways, so he might as well avoid a fight.

Bai Changle thought that he was in no rush to uncover this drama, so he waved his hand. "I suddenly remembered that I still have things to do. I'm going. I'll find you later."

Seeing Bai Changle, this light bulb, finally leave, Lu Ye breathed easy and turned around. He saw that Gu Yan already took off the jacket and held it in her hands.