Don’t Let Gu Yan Contact The Bai Family 

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While Bai Weiyang racked her brains to push Haoran to marry her soon, the two girls who were talking previously had returned to their dormitory.

One of the girls asked the other one curiously, "Will that be enough?"

"It should be fine."

"… But, why did Guo Rou make us say those words in front of Bai Weiyang? Could it be those two people…"

"That's enough." The girl's face turned very serious "This thing ends here. Don't guess anything else. Let's all forget about it. It wouldn't benefit us if there's anything else."


After Guo Rou confirmed the deed was done, she went to find Gu Yan.

This was what Gu Yan asked her to help with the last time they met up.

Gu Yan said the request subtly.

Guo Rou fell silent for a while and asked, "It's really the two of them. They're really too bold."