Do You Dare To Compete Again?

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Most shockingly, Lin Xiaoyu was the one speaking.

After making the remark, she found that all the female soldiers from the Logistics Department directed a surprised and complicated gaze at her.

Lin Xiaoyu's eyes flashed. Right now, she didn't have enough confidence. Those words came out of her mouth purely out of instinct.

Nevertheless, she already said them, so there was no way to take them back at this point. 

Gu Yan clearly knew that Lin Xiaoyu was targeting her. 

Even in her previous life, she didn't have a good impression of Ling Xiaoyu, especially because the latter was close with Bai Weiyang. The girl was foolish.

In this life either, there was no way Gu Yan would become friends with her.

Gu Yan smiled slightly. "Lin Xiaoyu, what do you mean? Oh, I forgot, you're Captain Lin's sister. If you didn't participate in the competition and win a round, I would've thought you're a spy lurking in the Logistics Department.