Did Gu Yan Tell Grandfather To Do This?

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Bai Weiyang saw that Bai Mengchen was moved and knew that she had listened to her. She even agreed with her.

Having achieved her goal, Bai Weiyang curled the corners of her lips. She was very pleased with herself. However, she did not change her expression. She gestured for Bai Mengchen to sit on the sofa and said, "Mom, sit down first. I'll get you some tea. It's a Da Hong Pao that Haoran's friend brought over. It's really delicious."

Although she knew her relationship with Lin Haoran was in big trouble now, Bai Weiyang still tries to pretend that they are in a good relationship.

Bai Mengchen looked at her with a complicated look, and then said, "Weiyang, don't worry for now, I have something to tell you."

"Mom, what is it, you can say it." Bai Weiyang smile eyes curved.

Bai Mengchen really didn't want to hear her call her mom, so she directly said, "This time, my dad asked me to look for you. He wants you to change your surname."