Conflicting Yet Complicated Emotions

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"I can't explain it clearly. It's just… a very strange glance." Gu Moli had always been conceited. She didn't think those bumpkins at her school in Jialuo deserved her either.

If they were not a hillbilly, they were an idiot. 

In her mind, her prince should be someone who was handsome and affluent!

Since she had always been prideful without learning anything about love, she failed to understand what Blacksmith Wang's glance actually meant.

From her perspective, it was simply uncomfortable.

After being pointed out by her daughter, Zhang Lan began to think about it.

Blacksmith Wang was quite needy when it came to that 'thing'.

If he really dared to go after Moli…

Zhang Lan grew jealous and annoyed!

On one hand, she was very angry that Blacksmith Wang dared to set his sights on Moli!