Colonel Lu, the Devil Incarnate

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Li Haili quickly called Han Jiao to ask about this poor gal named Gu Yan. 

Han Jiao thought about it carefully, "comrade Gu Yan is serious and thoughtful who never makes any mistakes, but she's not the most impressive. How should I put this, she has no merits or demerits. But from what I've heard, she's working hard to learn academic knowledge as she is planning on going to military school." 

Li Haili was interested.

No merits or demerits. From the looks of it, she was very mediocre at best.

But what if she purposely made herself like that?

Then that would be a different story. 

One definitely should not drag everything behind in the military.

But if one was too out there, it wasn't a good thing, either. A person in a high position is more likely to be attacked, unless one has a strong background.

Once Li Haili told her subordinate about Lu Ye asking her for a favor, Han Jiao became shocked as well.