Chapter 940 I want to eat an apple

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Bai Qifeng thought regretfully.

However, he had improved a lot.

Xiao Yan was willing to come and visit him, and she was even willing to call him Grandpa Bai.

Just one form of address was enough to make the old man so happy that two more wrinkles appeared on his face.

However, his answer was still a little dry and reserved.

“It’s alright.”

Gu Yan finally understood where Bai Jianjun had inherited that kind of idiocy that he didn’t know how to express his feelings with words.

You really couldn’t change this kind of person immediately.

He was still against the Bai family, but Gu Yan still used his superpower to treat the old man.

Although it couldn’t solve the basic problem of organ failure, it could still alleviate the old man’s pain.

Master Bai didn’t know that he had been cured by his supernatural ability. He just suddenly felt that his granddaughter’s arrival had made him feel much more relaxed, and the pain in his body had also lessened a lot.