Chapter 898: any brother-in-law is the natural enemy of his brother-in-law

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Gu Yan told them about their practice.

There were some other things that Guo Rou added.

After all, Gu Yan had been busy picking locks and playing the radio.

“Wow, Xiao Yan, you can pick locks!”Bai Changle was surprised. “You actually know circuit diagrams! Is it the knowledge from the Galactic Alliance Elementary School?”

Gu Yan smiled faintly. “I was just fiddling around when I was bored.”

Bai Jianjun, who was sitting in the passenger seat, did not turn his head, but he listened carefully to the voices behind him.

He knew that Gu Yan was definitely being modest when she said that she was fiddling around.

When he heard that his daughter, Gu Yan, was so outstanding, the corners of Bai Jianjun’s mouth curled up.

Well, it seemed that he would have to ask Cao Yanxi for Xiaoyan’s detailed performance results when he went back.

He was looking forward to it very much.