Chapter 886 if it was not a drill

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“There’s smoke outside!”

Gu Yan did not lower her voice.

In fact, if there really was a fire, then she would definitely wake up her roommates.

Then, she dipped a towel in water and planned to go out to find the teacher.

At this time, the smoke was already slightly thick.

And it was still pitch black outside.

For some reason, it was especially quiet tonight. Even at this time, it was still very quiet outside.

“It’s so late at night, aren’t you going to let me sleep?”

Xu Lingling, who was woken up, was very unhappy.

When she saw that the instigator was actually Gu Yan, she immediately retorted, “Gu Yan, what are you trying to do? Do you think you’re so great just because you’re number one in every subject?”

Zhang Xiaoman was also woken up. She looked at Gu Yan with an unfriendly expression. “Gu Yan, you better give me a reason that I can trust!”