Chapter 884: The Best Female Trooper in the galaxy

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Gu Yan.

Lin Haoran opened his eyes and looked at the pitch-black roof.

Can I still have you in my life?

A jeep was also on its way to the main star.

Lu Ye sat in the passenger seat with his eyes slightly closed. Because he had been on a mission for several days, now that the mission was over, he did not have time to fix them.

There was a green beard on his chin.

The person driving was not M, but another member of the Snow Wolf Team.

His code name was C.

Although C was two years younger than Gongsun Yu, he had joined the Snow Wolf Team in the same year as Gongsun Yu.

Unlike anyone in the Snow Wolf Team, C looked very unrecognizable. Anyone who entered the crowd would feel that he was just an ordinary passer-by.

However, even though he looked very ordinary, he had excellent results in all aspects, and he was also a godly weaponsmith.

Moreover, he would unknowingly set up an inescapable trap for his enemies.