Chapter 883 he felt that he was surrounded by darkness

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And this result was also within the expectations of all the instructors and students.

Even Guo Rou’s professional teachers secretly wanted to wait until they returned to the academy to try and convince Gu Yan to switch majors.

This special training, many first-year students were exhausted beyond words.

But Guo Rou just let out a sigh. She was extremely unsatisfied.

“Sigh, a month actually passed so quickly!”

Gu Yan pursed her lips. She turned her head and looked at the North Canstar training base under the Twilight Morning Light.

Suddenly, she had a feeling that she would definitely come here to train again!

Gu Yan said, “I have to leave early tomorrow morning. I Won’t be leaving with the group.”

For this matter, Gu Yan had already gone to ask the teacher for leave in advance.

Gu Yan’s results were excellent in all aspects, so she had long become the star student of this special training.