Chapter 879 gloating in a smile

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When Xie Luan opened the door, she looked at the person outside with a strange expression.


Elder bai nodded in a reserved manner and walked in with his walking stick.

His legs were still inconvenient.

However, he could already walk with his walking stick as long as he didn’t walk too much.

Although she was very surprised that the old man would come at this time.

However, Xie Luan couldn’t chase him out.

She only needed to turn her body slightly to let the old man in.

The person who sent the old man in was the grandson of one of the old man’s subordinates. He also lived in the noble district. The young man greeted the people in the house and left.

The originally lively house instantly became very quiet after the old man arrived.

Even Xiao'ai lazily glanced at the old man, then decisively turned around and went back to her small house on the balcony.

The Old Man Bai, who was despised by the cat..