Chapter 851 you’re too old. She definitely won’t like you

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Gongsun Yu smiled and said, “After the examination, You and comrade Wen Lan have both passed the assessment of being an official member of the Snow Wolf Team. “Comrade Wen Lan will join the team next month. Because of your health, you’ll join the team after New Year’s Day. I’ve already spoken to both of your superiors. The relevant procedures have also been completed.”

“Really? !”Bai Changle’s eyes lit up.

He turned his head and looked at Wen Lan excitedly.

A faint smile flashed across this cold and beautiful woman’s face at this moment.

Although it was very short, it was captured by Bai Changle.

A strange feeling flashed across his heart.

However, he did not understand what this strange feeling was.

Most importantly, he had passed the Snow Wolf Team’s assessment!

Hahahaha, he, Bai Changle, was also a member of the Snow Wolf Team!

Looking at his smug look, the corners of Gongsun Yu’s mouth twitched.

They were both born to the same parents, but look at Gu Yan!