Chapter 841 was the reason for the opposite

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“That’s right, that’s right,”her friend agreed.

Xu Lingling snorted and said immediately, “Let’s go and climb the mountain. If we come back early, we might be able to sleep for a while.”

“Lingling is right!”

Ninety percent of the students rushed out directly.

Because Gu Yan was the first to arrive at the meeting place, many people, including Cao Yanxi, paid attention to Gu Yan.

Seeing Gu Yan run straight to the dormitory, Cao Yanxi raised her eyebrows.

Bai Jianxun looked at the girl’s back and his eyes flashed.

He asked curiously, “What does she mean by running back?”

“We’ll know when we see it again.”

Although the students had left, the instructors and teachers had no intention of leaving.

After all, less than one-tenth of the students had left for the dormitory.

Gu Yan led Guo Rou to the front once again.

Gu Yan and Guo Rou were not in the same dormitory. At this time, there was basically no one around them.