Chapter 807 he was envious of Lu Ye

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Gongsun Yu wasn’t in a hurry. He was waiting for Gu Yan to digest this shocking piece of news.

In all these years, the Snow Wolf Unit had never recruited female Black Star Troopers.

After all, they were involved in the most dangerous operations. If they were captured, then the female troopers would definitely be subjected to harsher and more brutal torture than the male troopers.

At the same time, because of this, the female troopers had a natural protective barrier. They were more likely to succeed in their mission.

After all, there were two sides to everything.

If one wanted to get the fruits of victory, one had to take a certain amount of risk.

If Wen Lan, who had been confirmed for the test, was an accident, then it would be an accident.

Then if Gu Yan, who was still studying at the Empire’s first academy, became a reserve member, it would definitely be an accident.

Gongsun Yu would retire from the snow wolf unit in less than two years.