Chapter 796

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Xu Yue was silent.

She could tell that the girl, Xu Lingling, was purposely trying to embarrass Gu Yan.

After all, Gu Yan grew up on a backward planet and spent more than a year in the logistics department. Even though Xu Yue didn’t know why Gu Yan signed up for the rescue mission, from what she knew.., gu Yan didn’t have the chance to learn anything about medicine.

He was nothing compared to the female black star troopers that Xu Yue had trained at the medical center.

Xu Yue lowered her head slightly.

She had always been the type to avoid unnecessary trouble. Furthermore, she wasn’t close to Gu Yan, so she wouldn’t stand up for Gu Yan at this time.

However, Gu Yan never needed anyone to stand up for her.

She could easily solve this problem by herself.

In other words, this small matter was too easy for her.

In her previous life, Gu Yan was not only an outstanding graduate of the Empire’s first Academy of Medicine, but also a specialist surgeon at the Central Hospital.