Chapter 782: a very sensitive and warm man

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Did he say that? ?

Master Bai wanted to beat this grandson to death again!

This kid really doesn’t know how to talk!

Seeing that master Bai was choked by Bai Changle, Gu Yan pursed her lips.

To be honest, in her impression of her previous life, master Bai was an overly strict elder. He was very unreasonable and difficult to get along with.

Bai Jianjun used to be like him, but he had gotten much better recently. His style had changed a lot.

Gu Yan could feel that because she was in the ward, elder Bai was actually a little reserved.

Even if he hid it well.

Gu Yan slightly lowered her eyebrows, picked up the fruit, and said, “I’ll go wash the fruit first.”

After she turned around and left, the door slowly closed.

Bai Changle and Old Master Bai subconsciously looked out of the door, silent.

The two of them had a tacit understanding.

Xie Luan was still a little confused. “Why are you all looking at Xiao Yan?”