Chapter 772 because it might be very difficult for her to have children in the future

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Xie Luan nodded.

No matter how worried she was, her son and husband’s work was just like this. As a military family member, she had to support them with all her might.

Fortunately, Changle’s health was no longer in danger.

However, before Gu Yan and Xie Luan left, she suddenly remembered that cold woman.

Gu Yan said to bai changle, “Brother, a cold woman came here before. She’s very tall and skilled. She said that she’s your companion and wanted to return a dagger to you.”

“Wen Lan is here?”Bai Changle was stunned. He then asked, “Where’s the Dagger?”

Gu Yan shrugged. “I saw that the dagger was quite dangerous, so I suggested that she wait for you to wake up and return it to you personally.”

So the woman’s name was Wen Lan.

Gu Yan’s eyes flashed coldly when he recalled what Wen Lan had said about Lin Haoran.

She said softly, “Brother, she said that it has something to do with Lin Haoran, and she also has evidence.”