Chapter 765: an ice-cold woman

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Bai Jianjun shook his head slowly, “The situation at that time was very scary. Weiyang lost a lot of blood. Later, we sent her to the hospital for emergency treatment. At that time, the doctor told us that the child was still alive, but the situation was not too optimistic.”

Bai Jianjun did not know the specifics. After all, he was a man.

Moreover, Bai Weiyang was here to cause trouble for Xie Luan. Bai Jianjun really couldn’t have any good impression of this daughter of his.

Gu Yan nodded and watched him walk out.

Then, Gu Yan seized the time and started to use her special ability to treat BAI changle.

Bai Changle’s injury this time wasn’t any worse than Lu Ye’s injury last time. It was even more serious because when Gu Yan was treating Lu Ye, her special ability had just awakened, so the healing effect wasn’t as good as it was now. After treating Lu Ye.., she even fainted.