Chapter 763 was a little worried

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Shen Jiayi saw the worry on Gu Yan’s face and immediately told her everything about Bai Changle.

It turned out that Bai Changle was injured somewhere and it was quite serious. He had been lying unconscious on the bed. Xie Luan was worried about Bai Changle, so she went to the hospital to accompany him.

Then, Xie Luan asked Shen Jiayi to water the flowers and add water to Xiao'ai’s cat food for the next few days.

When she heard that Bai Changle was in trouble, Gu Yan couldn’t sit still.

She immediately put down her luggage and asked for Bai Changle’s hospital address. Then, she rushed over immediately.

Although Shen Jiayi said that she didn’t know how Bai Changle got injured, Gu Yan knew that Bai Changle had gone to the outer space to perform a mysterious mission because he had to undergo an assessment.

The difficulty of this mission was very high.