Chapter 745 makes me want to beat him up

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“Don’t worry about her. You haven’t said anything yet. Why do you look so pale?”

Gu Yan looked at Guo Rou and found that other than a band-aid on her face, she didn’t have any other injuries.

Guo Rou rubbed her face, her whole body exuding a strong sense of depression.

She said, “Wasn’t that disaster victim emotionally unstable and suddenly started beating people up? Later, we managed to control him together and sent him to the hospital. In the end, we just happened to meet a very senior psychiatrist who was guiding this disaster victim.”

Guo Rou paused for a moment and said in a strange tone with a depressed expression, “You know that psychiatrist too.”

Gu Yan instantly guessed it.

“Could it be Gongsun Yu?”