Chapter 713 let everyone know that I miss my wife

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If Gu Yan knew that Bai Jianjun wanted to give the passbook to Xie Luan at this time, she would definitely give the commander a thumbs up.

At this time, she was still concerned about Shen Jiayi and Xiao Mosheng, so she immediately dialed the Lu family’s number.

The two of them had been lingering with each other during this period of time. They often talked on the phone. In fact, they had not been apart for long, but the two of them felt that this kind of separation felt like years.

Lu Ye sighed. What were they going to do in the next five years?

Gu Yan had chosen to major in medical science, so she would be studying for five years.

However, if she could skip grades, she could graduate earlier.

This time, as soon as the call was connected, Lu Ye’s voice came through. “Yan Yan, I miss you.”

”... what if I didn’t make the call?”

“Then I’ll let everyone know that I miss my wife!”Captain Lu’s tone was very confident.