Chapter 711 heart is stronger than gold

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Xiao Mosheng had only told Shen Jiayi that his life in the outer space was very miserable, but he didn’t say anything specific.

In fact, it was because he cared more that he didn’t want his lover to know about some dark and damp aspects.

Shen Jiayi looked at her lover’s eyes and immediately understood what was going on. She held Xiao Mosheng’s hand and asked seriously, “Mosheng, have you ever done anything illegal?”

“No! Absolutely Not! It’s just that the Environment I was living in at that time...”

“People can’t choose where they come from. But people can choose their own path in the future,”Shen Jiayi said firmly, “This is what Gu Yan taught me before. Mosheng, no matter what you have experienced before, those things will eventually pass. I will hold your hand tightly and welcome the future with you!”

Xiao Mosheng held Shen Jiayi’s hand tightly!

The two of them looked at each other and smiled knowingly.