Chapter 668 was so close to him that it felt like the end of the world

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“Little Luan!”

“Although you don’t usually go home, and we don’t spend every day together,”Xie Luan smiled bitterly, turned around, and continued to pack her clothes.

Bai Jianjun seemed to be frozen in place. His body stiffened, and his heart ached so much that he couldn’t breathe.

Xie Luan was clearly standing a few steps away from him.

However, at this moment, Bai Jianjun suddenly felt what it meant to be so close to him. It was as if he was at the end of the world.

Sunlight shone through the window. In the half-light and half-darkness, the bedroom was so quiet that it made people feel even more lonely.

Xie Luan, who had her back facing Bai Jianjun, was actually already in tears.

Just as she had said to Gu Yan before, she had loved Bai Jianjun. It was not because she had repaid his kindness, but because she was truly moved and deeply in love with him.

Perhaps... it would be better for everyone if they were separated for a period of time to calm down and calm down.