She had pretty much reviewed all the content for the third year. She just needed to systematically do the questions.

If she could get the practice materials of the prestigious academies in the city, it would be even great!

Meanwhile, someone informed her the captain was seeking her out.

Gu Yan quickly stood up and donned her jacket before heading to Li Haili's office.

When she went over, Li Haili was roasting a sweet potato inside. That sweet aroma permeated the air within the office.

Li Haili smiled at her. "Gu Yan, has your hand gotten better?"

"It is much better now. Thank you, Captain."

"Mhm, the recommendation letter for the exam is here. The one at the top is written by Commander Tang while the one below is the one I wrote." 

Li Haili pointed at her office desk and added, "You arrived at the perfect time. Come, I have just roasted two sweet potatoes. We can have one each. Otherwise, Han Jiao would steal one later."